Complete Ultimaker DIY-Kit Beta (open source)

Aanbieders, zelfbouw projecten, ervaringen etc mbt 3D printer bouwpakketten en onderdelen.
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Complete Ultimaker DIY-Kit Beta (open source)

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De verkoop van de Ultimaker is van start gegaan in mei 2011. Alleen al in de eerste maanden, werden er wereldwijd bijna 100 Ultimakers verkocht. Inmiddels zijn er meer dan duizend Ultimakers verscheept waaronder veel printers die staan opgebouwd in Nederlandse FabLabs.




Usually ships with a 10 working day lead time. Check this page for our most up-to-date historical shipping performance.

Build this machine and make your ideas come to life right on your desktop. The complete Ultimaker Protobox bundle includes everything you need to build your machine and to start printing.

• An extremely large build volume, 21x21x22 cm (L/W/H), while having a very desktop friendly footprint of only 35x35 cm.
• The fastest controlled horizontal acceleration in the market, allows for extremely fast printing.
• Connect the machine to your computer's USB port, Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux are available.
• Capable of printing with biodegradable PLA plastics and ABS. This allows for extremely affordable printing (plastics offered here). Feel free to use other materials!
• Theoretical resolution: 0.0125 mm for the X and Y axis, the Z-axis is even more accurate!
• A user-friendly, low-maintenance material feed mechanism (geared). Allows for mid-build material refills and color changes during prints.
• The machine is very light-weight and robust, you can take it on a trip, without fear of it breaking. We use only square nuts for T-slots and offer a very high quality barch wood.
• Designed for quick assembly and easy maintenance.
• Holds a reel of plastic for hassle free 3D printing.
• Integrated electronics, no need to wire many boards together, everything is plugged into just once PCB.
• The electronics provide the option to add a 5th stepper motor for later upgrades
• Powered by free (libre) software. Based on Open Source Hardware (CAD files are published here!)
• Free software upgrades will be provided and hardware upgrades can be downloaded and printed.
• The UltiController LCD interface now available!

Kit contents
The kit contents include:

• Ultimaker essentials kit
• Pulleys
• Timing belts
• Bearings
• Linear bearings
• Bushings
• Hardware and varous nuts and bolts
• A full set of lasered parts (see below)
• Fully assembled electronics v1.5.4 + incl. official (Open Hardware) Arduino Mega 2560 board, ready to mount on your machine.
• 4 quiet, but strong stepper motors (built to our specifications, based on NEMA 17 standard)
• 4 x Pololu stepper driver
• Custom machined 0.4 mm nozzle (still allows fast printing, but also fine details)
• Accurate machined lead screw for the Z-axis for fast layer changes and consistent layer height
• Accurate temperature control with a thermocouple and heater-cartridge (heats within 2 minutes)
• Double mechanical endstops for the X, Y and Z axis. Holes come pre-threaded for mounting convenience.
• Bowden cable (PFA, more robust than PTFE)
• Power supply
• USB cable
• Quality brand 2 mm hex screwdriver + 1.5mm hex wrench
• 3M/Scotch Blue tape
• PLA plastic to start with. You may need to get more, because this 3D printer prints really fast!

The lasered parts include:
  • 6 mm dense birch plywood (extremely durable and stiff) for the frame
  • 4 mm birch plywood (high-density)
  • 3 mm Delrin for several extruder parts
  • 6 mm acrylic for the build platform
  • 0.5 mm PP for the cooling ducts
  • 0.5 mm thick HDPE sheet for cooling duct.
Technical specifications
High current MOSFETs that power the extruder, which heats up within 2 minutes.
Power: 110V-240V operation, 50-60Hz - 120W - 19V output.
The print head design uses a special ceramic heater cartridge, which is reliable, durable and extremely easy to install. The design does not use nichrome-wire. The entire hot-end can be assembled in under a minute. Also, it uses a glass filled injection moulded PEEK thermal barrier, that is more stable at high temperatures.

While we, and many others think the Ultimaker is a great improvement over the existing 3D printer kits, it is a brand new product. Technical skills are required for safe and correct assembly and operation of this product. When in doubt, please seek professional assistance to help with assembly. The kit includes all of the parts needed to assemble a properly working machine, but in some cases you can get better results if you have some improvisation skills. Please understand that we can, and will not guarantee correct operation of the user-assembled end-product. That said, we've done a lot of things to make it easier to assemble:
  • Soldering skills are not required
  • All rods are cut to the right length
  • No sawing, drilling or other material changes are required
  • Fastening of bolts
  • Minimal or no sanding or post processing of the laser cut parts is required
  • Only metric M3 bolts are used

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